aart SUB 18 A

The Solton aart SUB 18 A is a single 18" self-powered direct-radiating high performance subwoofer system. It has been designed to add high-output, high-impact bass response to the mid-high and fullrange loudspeaker system in various mobile and installed applications. 

The Sub 18A features a long-excursion, 18” ,4” (100mm) voice coil LF transducer, and a low distortion port design in a compact reflex enclosure made of 15 mm plywood.

The integrated high performance Class D amplifier delivers outstanding dynamic and excellent headroom. 

The integrated pole mount socket (M20) enables the use of a distance rod in combination with a MF/HF cabinet as a system. The aart 18 Sub has many features that make it a versatile subwoofer system.

Key Features

  • Bullet point 1 x 18” ,4” (100mm) voice coil LF Transducer
  • Bullet point 134 dB Peak SPL
  • Bullet point Volume
  • Bullet point Variable crossover 80 - 200 Hz
  • Bullet point Phase Switch
  • Bullet point Limiter
  • Bullet point Compact design
  • Bullet point Pole mount socket (M20)
  • Bullet point Two integrated handles for easy portability
  • Bullet point Prepared for 100mm blue wheels


  • Loudspeaker Type
    Self-powered, Single18", bass-reflex, subwoofer
  • Frequency Range (-10dB)
    33 Hz - 250 Hz
  • Frequency Response (+- 3dB)
    38 Hz - 200 Hz
  • Coverage Pattern
  • Power Handling
    800 W continuous, 2400 W peak
  • System Sensitivity (1w/1m)
    99 dB
  • Maximum SPL (Calculated at 1m)
    128 dB continuous, 134 dB peak
  • HF Driver
  • LF Driver
    18", 4" voice coil speaker
  • Crossover
    Active, Variable 80 - 200 Hz
  • Protection
  • Active Tuning / Features
    Volume, Variable crossover 80 - 200 Hz, Phase switch
  • Enclosure
    15 mm birch plywood
  • Finish
    Black textured paint
  • Fittings
    2x Handles, M20 pole socket
  • Protective Grille
    Black perforated steel with acoustic transparent foam backing
  • Connectors
    2x Inputs XLR / 6.35 Jack Combo, 2x Thru XLR
  • Dimensions mm (WxHxD)
    560 x 670 x 680
  • Weight
    43 kg


  • Bullet point Portable sound reinforcement
  • Bullet point Installation
  • Bullet point Live Music
  • Bullet point Bars and restaurants
  • Bullet point Nightclubs

Recommended with


  • Art. Nr. 12520

    Wheels Set

    for aart SUB 18 A, 77 mm, 2x with brake, 2x without brake


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